After many years as a graphic designer, I decided it was time to forge a new path and make a long-awaited dream a reality. There is something to be said about working with your bare hands and creating unique pieces of art from raw materials that will bring joy to someone nearby or across the oceans. Since 2017, I have been handcrafting jewelry full time and loving every step in the process.

Besides jewelry, I occasionally offer small batch pottery. This is why I decided to name my shop Moonlight Mile "Artisan" as this will encompass a variety of wares in the future.

The inspiration for my shop name stems from years of staying up late and doodling in my journals. The name comes from The Rolling Stones ballad from the 70s. Their interpretation of Moonlight Mile had complex connotations—for me, Moonlight Mile simply conveys that long stretch of road in the evening when it's quiet and you're all alone with your thoughts.

In 2019, I was interviewed by SDVoyager magazine on Art + Life in San Diego. Click here to read the article.

Moonlight Mile limited jewelry collection at:
The Artisan's Bench, 307 W Main Street, Brighton, MI